Paul Gordon

Building Musicals For a Better World

“emma”, Paul Gordon’s critically acclaimed stage musical, is now available to stream worldwide.

Click here to purchase the stream for less than the price of a latte. No subscriptions. Nothing to join.

Watch the concept trailer here: is bringing the magic of live theatre into the 21st century.  We are creating a new paradigm that allows you to watch stage shows that are BUILT TO STREAM on any of your devices for about the price of a latte.  No subscriptions.  Nothing to join.  Just click and watch

This is unique content that you cannot get anywhere else.  Not on Netflix.  Not on Amazon.  And not on Broadway HD.   We are building musicals and plays to stream and we have an innovative way of doing it that can make theatre financially sustainable for the first time.  

On October 3rd, 2018 our company, Streaming Musicals, launched the first SOUNDSTAGE MUSICAL worldwide -- Jane Austen’s EMMA.  This is a new idea that will change the way musicals are experienced and branded.  Streaming does not replace live theatre, but it allows audiences all over the world to experience musicals and plays that they would have otherwise – no way of ever seeing. It also creates a new financial model where the creators of the musical – actors, designers and musicians – get royalties forever – thus making theatre more sustainable for those who create it.

Simply click the link below watch the stream of EMMA.

EMMA has played all over the country to rave reviews and sold out audiences.  Yet most of the world has still never seen the musical. 

Now they can and you can too.